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Discover Yourself.

Unlock your past, present and future

Discover Yourself.

One simple test which unlocks your past, present and future. Learn about your DNA and get actionable instructions on how to maximize your potential.

Unlock The Secrets of Your DNA


Improve your body by learning the vital role genetics plays on your diet

22 DNA Reports


Discover interesting facts on how your DNA and health are connected

26 DNA Reports


Discover where in the world your DNA is from out of 100+ regions worldwide

Ancestral Origins + Map


Insights into the role DNA plays on your appearance and skin health

20 DNA Reports


Learn how genetics affects your fitness and how to optimise your workouts

20 DNA Reports


Learn new things about yourself and the traits you carry within your DNA

26 DNA Reports

Lifetime of Benefits

Unlock your DNA and discover your infinite potential. You have it in you to harness your genetic foundation to live your best life. 

We’ll help you understand the insights you discover from your DNA and explain how you can use the information to improve your life.

New DNA Technology

All from the comfort of your home. No spitting in tubes. No needles. Just rub a swab against your cheek!

Our DNA test is super user-friendly and takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Personal Account

Unlimited access to your DNA Reports from any device with a Internet Browser.

You have total control to view, save or delete your DNA data at a click of a button. 

We respect your privacy

We will never sell or share your DNA data, even anonymously.

All information is kept confidential and secure. You can delete your profile and data from our servers whenever you choose.

Already have DNA Test Data?

Soon you will be able to purchase and receive DNAPACK reports in just a few clicks, using your existing DNA Test Data. Register your interest and we will notify you when this service is available


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked

This test is only required once.

Your DNA does not change, so you can continue using the unlocked DNA insights to help improve your life for years to come.

Our DNA Collection Kit consists of a two simple mouth cheek swabs, rub one on each side (no blood or spit required). Then, mail the sample back to the our lab for analysis.

The security and confidentiality of your personal information is a commitment we make to you. We never make any compromises which would put your information at risk.

Your personal genetic information will never be disclosed, sold, or rented to a third party.

We believe there is something interesting to learn from DNA analysis for everyone.

Your DNA holds a huge amount of vital information, whether you want to discover your ancestral origins, lose weight, improve performance or just be a little healthier.

We are working on launching this service in early 2019.

So if you have had your DNA sequenced before, you will be able to securely connect your data with DNAPACK to receive our DNA Reports at a reduced cost (DNA Collection Kit + Analysis will not be required).

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