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About DNA

About us

Genetic testing represents a long-term investment to improve our health and well-being. By analysing your genetic material, you will receive valuable insights about your own body that will allow proper action to improve your health, well-being, reduce potential health risks and help you utilize your full potential.

DNAPACK genetic tests are based on genotyping the individual’s genetic material, evaluating the results and, as the final step, making appropriate recommendations and action plans based on your objective needs.

DNAPACK’s goal is to make the latest discoveries in the field of genetics and bio-medicine available to the general public and thus contribute to the welfare of society and the individual.


The quality of our products and professional execution is guaranteed by our multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutics, biochemistry, medicine, nutritional sciences and information technology.


For our DNA tests we use custom and proprietary DNA panels that are internally developed by our R&D department. For sample analysis, we use state-of-the-art genotyping technology that ensures the highest quality of the results.


Special attention is given to the appropriate selection of genetic markers that are included in our products. The interpretation of DNA data is based on DNAPACK’s proprietary algorithms and programming environment that analyses and evaluates data from thousands of scientific studies.

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Copyright 2019 © DNAPACK - All rights reserved. Our DNA Testing is for scientific, educational and nutritional information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or clinical advice. If you have a question about a medical issue, please see your doctor.

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