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DNA – Life’s Instruction Manual

DNA is an essential molecule for life. It acts like a recipe holding the instructions telling our bodies how to develop and function… 

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Does the Future of Beauty Reside in our DNA?

A user’s genes indicate genetic variations that compromise body’s ability to produce essential…

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Vitamin B6. Why do we need it?

It is well known that vitamins are very important for our health. However, do we know why they are so crucial and how much vitamin…

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DNA testing can reveal your ancestors – but expect the unexpected

There are three genetic clues to your ancestry. Your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) contains your…

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Doughnuts are in your DNA

Glazed, filled, and dusted with powdered sugar. Humans have been seeking out sugary foods for millions of years, long before the…

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‘Junk DNA’ could play an important role in diabetes

The human genome is enormous, containing billions of ‘letters’ of genetic code. But among the thousands…

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Fishing for tumour DNA in the liquid bathing the brain

When fluids move around our body, molecules from nearby cells bathed in these fluids can be swept up…

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DNA uncovers ancient Ashkenaz and predicts where Yiddish originated

The origin of Yiddish, the millennium old language of Ashkenazic Jews, is something, which linguists…

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Bacteria, vitamins, and your DNA: How are they related?

The world is covered with bacteria, and so are we. Different types of bacteria colonize multiple areas both…

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Are You Taking the Right Steps to Care for Your Skin?

One of the biggest factors of skin type is DNA, which means you may be genetically predisposed…

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